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In the early 17th Century, 'tulip mania' reached fever pitch in the Dutch Republic. With tulip bulbs attracting astronomical prices, rare and sought-after varieties became a currency in their own right; whole properties were bought and sold for just a handful. While the market eventually collapsed, appreciation for these remarkable flowers continued unabated in the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, and today the Netherlands produce around 3 billion bulbs annually. Every year we are so excited to see our tulips poking out of the cold soil in the cutting garden, marking the start of the growing season ahead. For spring we plant a mix of single and double flowered varieties, delicately scented and variegated in colour, from the toffee-copper peony shaped Brownie to the diminutive star-flowered Clusiana Stellata. Interesting and complex, spring arrangements wouldn't be complete without these generous flowers.



C L A S S   S T R U C T U R E


10am to 3pm. This class will be held at our Shepherd's Bush studio. Places are limited.

Workshop price £350

to book a place.

Includes all materials, a seasonal lunch and high resolution images of your work.



C L A S S   S T R U C T U R E


In our first group class of the year, students will learn how to make a beautiful spring bridal bouquet and small centrepiece arrangement using a variety of tulips and seasonal materials: anemones, ranunculus, scented herbs, blossoming branches and early spring foliage.

We will demonstrate how to create a bouquet in our signature style, focusing on blending colours, adding gestural flowers and creating a loose, natural shape finished with streaming silk ribbons. For the centrepiece design we will show how tulips can be used as a sculptural focal flower and enhanced by complementary tones and textures, to create a low arrangement spilling with spring flowers.

Students will leave with the knowledge of basic floral techniques for building a bouquet and arrangement, how to think about colour, scent and texture, and helpful tips on how to use a range of garden-grown materials to evoke the essence of a season.




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