In April the garden comes alive with the first flowers of the season, awash with pale colours, ruffled petals and fresh green shoots. Reflective of the seasonal change and fluctuations in weather, our arrangements and bouquets at this time of the year evoke new beginnings and are layered with varieties of speciality tulips in nuanced colours, hellebores, alliums, colombine, muscari, pansies and fritillaria. With winter receding, the hedgerows turn white and pale pink with pear and apple blossom, followed by frothy clouds of hawthorn. The romantic shades and sculptural shapes of spring branches provide the perfect foundations for blowsy urn arrangements and majestic arches.


Vibrant spring greenery echoing the city-park scenery beyond, flecked with white flowers including tulips, foxgloves and aquilegia. Photograph by Through The Woods We Ran