Our own micro-flower-farm in Hampshire supplies an abundance of seasonal flowers and foliage to the Aesme studio in London throughout the year. After the quiet of winter sweet scented narcissi and striped tulips burst into flower in the spring, along with speckled hellebores and fritillaria, and anemones and ranunculus in the tunnels. By early summer clusters of alliums, foxgloves, sweetpeas, poppies and numerous early annuals are in flower, and the scented roses make their first appearance. In autumn we harvest Japanese anemones, buckets of richly coloured dahlias, cosmos and grasses, the final flush of colour and growth giving way to berries, seed pods and skeletal silhouettes as the year comes to an end and the garden is put to bed once more. From March to October bi-weekly deliveries of freshly cut flowers arrive for our weddings and workshops; following events everything is returned to the garden compost heaps, nourishing the soil for future Aesme flowers.


A ‘micro’ farm, the plot is divided into sections for growing perennials, annuals, shrubs and vegetables. Two polytunnels offer protection for propagating plants and lengthening the growing season. From March through to October, cut flowers and foliage are delivered up to the studio in London for weddings and workshops. Photograph by Kristin Perers


Photograph by Kristin Perers

Photographs by  Kristin Perers

Photographs by Kristin Perers

Photograph by Kristin Perers


Photograph by Kristin Perers