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Rococo was a fanciful artistic movement and style fashionable in France and other parts of Europe during the 18th-century. As Louis XIV’s long reign came to an end in France, a change in the court artists and general aesthetic signalled the beginning of a fresh, more lighthearted, and graceful approach to the Baroque that continued to develop throughout the reign of Louis XV. The style of the Rococo artists and architects maintained the opulence of the Baroque era with its intricacy and use of complex patterns but abandoned the elaborate symmetry and rigidity in favour of playful uses of pale colours, playful curves, asymmetrical designs and gilding. Decorative shell motifs often appear in Rococo designs as well as Chinese figures and pagodas showing the influence of chinoiserie, and liberal uses of gold and light, pastel colours.






Class price £350

10 am to 3 pm

This class will be held at our London flower studio.

We teach our classes as a pair, so our students benefit from two sets of expertise and advice.

A light seasonal lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

All materials and snippers provided. You are welcome to take home your arrangements after the class.

We finish each class by demonstrating how to style the finished piece for an atmospheric series of photographs, and send high quality digital images through to each student after the class.

Students are encouraged to bring along their camera too - classes provide a great opportunity to practise photographing flowers for portfolios and social media, and to document an arrangement taking shape.



C L A S S   S T R U C T U R E


In this group class, students will learn how to create a Rococo-inspired centrepiece arrangement using a variety of exquisite seasonal materials: peonies, tulips, ranunculus, sweetpeas, colombine and blossom. 

Working in low golden vessels, we will demonstrate how to create an asymmetric composition using the chicken wire technique for structure, layering pale, sugary colours, natural shapes, curving stems and gestural flowers to evoke a sense of the Rococo. Once complete,  we will show how to style your centrepiece design for an artistic series of photographs using props such as swathes of rich silks and velvet, shells and coral.

Students will leave with the knowledge of basic floral techniques for building an arrangement, how to think about colour, scent and texture, and helpful tips on how to use a range of garden-grown materials to evoke the essence of a particular era, artistic style and season.


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