B O U Q U E T   & A R R A N G E M E N T

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In our first group workshop of the year, students will learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet and arrangement using a variety of seasonal, garden-grown materials.

During the morning session you will learn how to create a bouquet, focusing on blending colours, adding gestural flowers and creating a loose, natural shape finished with silk ribbons. Lunch will be followed by an afternoon class composing an asymmetric arrangement in a vessel. You will learn how to layer foliage, blowsy face flowers and intricate fillers to create a shapely design, ending with an opportunity to photograph your finished piece in a beautifully styled still-life scene. Students will leave with the knowledge of basic floral techniques for building a bouquet and arrangement, how to think about colour, scent and texture, and helpful tips on sourcing and working with seasonal materials.

 Flowers and secateurs on the workbench at Aesme Flower Studio


Workshop price £350 inclusive of a light lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

This class will be held at our flower studio in Shepherd's Bush, West London from 10am to 4pm. All materials, aprons and snips are provided. You are welcome to take home your designs after the class to enjoy.

We finish each workshop by demonstrating how to style your finished piece for an atmospheric photograph so that students can capture their creation using their camera or phone - a great opportunity to practise photographing flowers for portfolios and social media, and to document an arrangement taking shape.

Places are limited, we keep our classes intimate so that every student can benefit from individual attention. To book a place please click here.

Previous workshops and student work can be seen here.

 Spring wedding bouquet with coral charm peony and geum flowers by Aesme Flower Studio


Mid May, our cutting garden is awash with delicious spring colours, from sugary pastel tones to darker accents of toffee, copper and maroon. This is a magical time of year, when spring merges with early summer, pansies and tulips colliding with the first sweet peas, corncockle flowers and forget-me-nots.

For this workshop, students will be free to choose from the finest flowers of the season, from ruffly ranunculus and ethereal anemones to alliums, geums, fritillaria, colombine, geraniums and speckled salmon foxgloves. It is also one of the loveliest times of the year for foliage, from foraged hedgerow branches of hawthorn (mayflower), apple and pear blossom, to delicate clippings of spiraea, viburnum and trailing clematis vines.

 Spring flower arrangement with agrostemma and saxifraga flowers by Aesme Flower Studio

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