Aesme is an artisanal flower studio in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, specialising in floral design informed by the seasons and inspired by the English garden. Founded in 2015 by sisters Alex and Jess, we create arrangements for weddings and events across the UK, as well as for collection from our studio, and teach flower arranging 1:1 classes and group workshops throughout the year.

We grow many beautiful varieties of flowers, herbs and foliage at our cutting garden on a farm in Hampshire. Growing is fundamental to our creative practice and our work is rooted in the organic forms and textures of the garden and surrounding landscape, using the natural rhythms of the seasons and the bounty each one brings. Our obsession with scented roses and unusual varieties of annual and perennial flowers is echoed by our approach to flower arranging, favouring old-fashioned techniques (such as the use of chicken wire and flower frogs for structuring arrangements) espoused by the horticulturalist Gertrude Jekyll and floral decorator Constance Spry in the early twentieth century.

 Photographed by  Kristin Perers

Photographed by Kristin Perers

 Alex and Jess (and Mavis) at Aesme’s flower studio in Shepherd’s Bush | Photographed by  Kristin Perers

Alex and Jess (and Mavis) at Aesme’s flower studio in Shepherd’s Bush | Photographed by Kristin Perers


Flower arranging is an artistic medium, the skilled practice of showcasing some of the most beautiful gifts of nature, appreciated by those who see them not only for their beauty, but also their power to evoke emotion. We believe, like any art form, that the best flower arrangements are not purely decorative, but also evocative, they speak of the season, the place they came from, the hands that nurtured them. Inspired by the revival of small-scale flower farming in Britain, we predominantly use our own and British-grown flowers April to October, sourcing from flower farms abroad in the colder months. Growing enables us to use flowers and plants that are not readily available to florists, and to add unexpected elements to our arrangements - intricate vine tendrils, rose briars, spindling foraged branches.

Our arrangements are designed to encapsulate the atmosphere of a place, the weather and seasonal calendar. Aiming to elevate and update traditional methods of flower arranging, we draw on contemporary influences of colour and form to create designs that are both nostalgic and refreshing. We believe in designing without the restrictions of rules, respecting the natural shapes of the elements we work with. Flowers are fleeting, tangible objects of ancient beauty in an increasingly fast-paced and online world, and at Aesme we arrange them in their purest, most romantic state, bringing the tangled beauty of nature into the city.


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